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Subsidized Rates For New Residents

To Residents/ Families of Coteau Range Manor
May 27th, 2020
Over the last two years, the number of residents in the Manor has declined significantly. The average number of residents was 29 in 2017, 20 residents in 2018-19; currently 19 permanent residents and 1 in a respite bed. 
The Board has initiated a number of measures to try to attract new residents. These measures have included paid advertising on radio and on Facebook; creation of a website promoting the manor; an up to date pamphlet and a table display. Plans were to attend a number of trade shows in surrounding rural areas this spring but due to COVID-19 this is not possible. We have also submitted an application to initiate an Adult Day Program and are awaiting approval from the Ministry of Health.
Despite efforts thus far, we have not been able to attract new residents. This is impacting our ability to meet the financial needs of the Manor. Fundraisers have been held and the community has made generous donations. We have applied for funding for capital expenditures through the Farm Credit Corporation – Agrispirit Fund, the outcome of this request will be received no later than August 31, 2020.
On February 11, 2020 a special meeting was held to discuss the financial stability of the Manor. Those attending were the Manor’s Board, RM’s of Bratts Lake, Terell, Redburn, Elmsthrope and Caledonia; Villages of Avonlea, and Briercrest. These RM’s and Villages were asked for funds for both operating and capital expenditures for one year.
Due to the urgency of the situation we are initiating a new program to attract residents. This would be a subsidized rate for a limited number of new residents. These residents would need to meet “income testing” in order to be considered. This would have twofold benefits, generating income in beds that are currently empty and provide care for low income folks. 
Please share any thoughts, concerns or ideas you may have with the Board and Robin. 
Thank you, 
The Coteau Range Manor Board and Management


Who We Are & What We Offer

Coteau Range Manor is a Care Home in Avonlea. Coteau Range Manor is home to seniors who value their independence, friendships, healthy lifestyle, and medical care. At Coteau Range Manor, our residents enjoy the freedoms and peace of mind that a small town provides. 

Our facility is a bungalow style allowing for easy wheelchair access and mobility. We have an outdoor patio and garden that the residents can access on their own during warm months. A fully qualified nurse practitioner visits us once every three weeks. Our Activity Coordinator organizes group activities or one on one activities.

Care levels 1-3033 through 4-3484 are accepted, including respite care.


Programs & Services

Music Therapy

Enjoy The Finer Things

Exercise Classes

Be Active & Smile!


Amenities and Services

Level 1-3033 though 4-3484 Care is Accepted


Outside Living Area

Enjoy some time in the garden & take in some rays on a beautiful summer day.

Top of the Line Equipment

Our facility is outfitted with equipment to care for all levels of need.


Large Living Area

Relax in our spacious open concept living room during movie nights or get more hands-on with a game of cards.

Dinning Room

Indulge in a home-cooked meal with your friends and family.


Guest Rooms

A wide variety of rooms are available to suit all your needs.

Ask about our single and double suites.


Level 1-3033 care starts at $2958/month to level 4-3484 $3409/month.
Would you like to join our family?
Please contact us for more information.




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Please call for more information and pricing on single and double suites.



To Robin, the staff and Board Members at Coteau Range Manor, 

I am writing this letter to convey and express how grateful and appreciative my family is with Coteau Range Manor and the level of care my father Roy has been receiving while in your care. 

Back in early December of 2019, my father entered into your care on respite when he broke his ankle. Immediately, Dad was expressing how impressed he was and had nothing but praises and thankfulness for Robin and the staff for how caring they have been towards him and the other patrons. At that time, his intentions of staying was for approximately 6 weeks, until his ankle healed.

When I think about the crew at Coteau Manor and the professionalism and level of care received, words that come to mind are: receptiveness, integral, sincere, accepting, and observant. Kind, carful attentive, thoughtful, specialized, accessible, creative. Inclusive, and excellent communicators. 

The atmosphere is very welcoming. The employees are always greeting us with cheerful smiles, with great disposition and more importantly the employees are expedient to communicate and issues or concerns they may have had with Dad. The staff works diligently and compassionately for the “entire well-being” of all the residents. 

Although the extra services like “Spa Day” , salon/haircuts days, “one on one with Teresa”, “karaoke with chef Henry”, may be standard to all facilities, I’m sure that the extra special “home town” feel that  this facility provides, can only resonate from a place of a “home town” genuine heart. Many times when I’ve come to the Manor to visit Dad, it was a pleasure to see the ways that a volunteer, or staff member is entertaining and engaging with the residents through music or another activity. With a welcoming and encouraging invitation for us visitors to also join in. 

I am especially grateful to Robin and the staff for setting a standard within the Manor that puts the residents first, and keeps their families at ease by providing open communication. Thank you Robin for always coming up with excellent options to ensure Dad’s stay is enjoyable, comfortable and that he is content. Even after Dad’s ankle healed, he was and still is, extremely torn with the idea of leaving what he has at the Coteau Range Manor to return back home. 

I cannot express how impressed I am with the effort the personnel put forth into genuinely caring and listening to my Dad’s needs. For example, my Dad was concerned about losing his sense of independence and freedom if he continued to stay. Through thoughtful listening and dialogue, Coteau encouraged us to bring Dad’s car and have it stay at the home. The small attention to detail has brought immense amounts of joy and contentment to Dad’s heart and wellbeing that Robin understood.

And lastly, I’m just so grateful that even though Dad had full intentions to move back to his home in mid-March, the Manor openly and graciously accepted Dad to stay in their excellent care during the COVID-19 outbreak. This is a HUGE relief to my family, knowing that Dad has the best possible care he could ever receive or imagine. Each time I talk with him, he has nothing but praises and gratitude for the continuous care Coteau provides him. The effort and extra measures being done to keep the residents busy, in good spirits and in good health, plus finding creatives, safe ways to allow visitation through secured windows and doors, is greatly appreciated during this difficult time. 

With heartfelt gratitude from my family and on behalf of my Dad Roy, Thank you, Thank you!

Sincerest Regards

Connie Beingessner

Planting a Plant

“Age is an issue of mind over matter, if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter”

Mark Twain



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